A man put something weird on his pizza and people can’t decide whether it’s a good idea


A man has put tinned spaghetti on top of his pizza. Pineapple also played a role, just to add to what was already a ridiculously divisive turn of events.

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Carbs on pizza is nothing new – small, diced potato is a reasonable occurrence. Tinned pasta, however, isn’t quite so regular.

The man in question is Bill English. He happens to be the prime minister of New Zealand, so isn’t without influence. It makes the whole thing even more concerning, frankly. Posting some pizza pictures to Facebook, Bill says: “Cooked dinner for the family last night – like if you agree with tinned spaghetti on pizza!”

A man put something weird on his pizza and people can’t decide whether it’s a good idea

Hundreds commented. As you will probably have guessed, opinions are mixed, with some erring towards the “atrocious” side, and others calling the dish “awesome.” The pineapple and tinned spaghetti has even apparently won Bill votes. It seems to have lost him a few too. Kiwis are fickle.

There were positive views…

Dan Robinson commented: “I don’t support your policies (vote Green boys) but spaghetti on pizza is something i can get behind”.

Alison Franklin added: “Totally agree that spaghetti on pizza is yum BUT who else has noticed how runny canned spaghetti is nowadays.”

The 55-year-old PM even replied to Alison. He informed her: “I drained off some of the liquid but not quite enough since pizza was a bit soggy in the middle. Goes well with pineapple.”

There are both positive and negative comment on his post

And there were negative ones…

Liam Stretch said: “I might vote Labour now Bill. This is like s** on Italy”

And Aly Refaat wrote: “Sorry Bill, any man who puts spaghetti on a pizza is not fit to run my country, you cannot count on my vote come election time”.

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