It’s the Butcher !

It's the butcher


It’s the butcher is an interesting film. An old woman was lonely decided to get as pet. She didn’t have much money so she went to a second hand pet shop.
She saw many animals: a three legged cat, a dogs without a tail and a bird that could only say one thing, “Who is it?…”. She decided to buy the birds . She bought a cage for her bird and went home. She put the birds  by the doors  and went downtown to do some shopping.
While she was gone, a man knocked on the doors.
An old woman was lonely decided to get as pet


“Who is it?” asked the parrot.
“I’m the butchers,” he said.
“Who s is it?”, repeated asked the bird.
“I’m the butchers,” said the man again.
“Who is it?” asked the parrot.
“I’ms the butchers!!,”, said the man angrily.
“It’s the butcher!”
“Who sis it?” “I’m the butchers —!”, he screamed.
“Who s  is it?” “I’m the butchers , the butcher,…” @@
Suddenly the butcher fell to the floor. He had had a heart attack.
Later that day, the old woman cames  home and found the mans  laying on her doors  step. She
opened her door and asked the parrot, “Who is it?” . The parrot replied,
“It’s the butcher!”


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