Mum Drops Daughter Off At University Then Hangs With The Football Team


Parents will worry. It’s in their nature. Especially when you’re off to university. They’ll want to know who you’ve met, what nights out you’re going on, and how your course is.To be fair, if they are co-bankrolling you (along with student loans) for three or four years, I guess they have a right to know.

They’re even kind enough to drive us to our new digs when we first move up. Over time, they will probably want to meet your mates. But not quite in the way that happened with Avery Leilani.

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What happened?

Mum Drops Daughter Off At University Then Hangs With The Football Team

Avery was heading to the Texas State freshman orientation – a two-day event where new students get an opportunity to meet others, make new friends and get a chance to look at the options and resources available to them on campus.

But as Avery made her own way around campus, she received a text from her mum that perhaps she wasn’t expecting.

“I made some friends. Don’t wait up,” the message said. Followed by pictures of her with the football team.

The mum can be seen in the middle of four toned athletes, during a hot summers day in the southern state.

Instantly, Avery’s tweet of the situation went viral, and has since been retweeted almost 95,000 times, with over 426,000 likes.

It looks like Avery’s mum wasn’t the only one to be ‘snared’ into the footballers charms. Twitter user ‘BG’ showed a picture of her mum in the same situation.

Mum Drops Daughter Off At University Then Hangs With The Football Team

Away from making sure her mum doesn’t have too good a time, Avery would have been worried about making friends and settling in.

Another freshman didn’t quite get on the right footing when their roommate posted a picture of the list of demands for their shared dorm.

It included taking the top bunk of the bed, having one of the two white closets in the room, and working on the desk nearest the window.

They described their list as ‘fair’ considering they’ve given up ‘fighting for the bottom bunk’ (I thought everyone wanted the top bunk anyway?).

Also, they make no apology for the bluntness, writing: “Sorry, but not that sorry for the attitude. I don’t like being ignored because that’s just rude… I decided to make it clear now on the kind of person I am and what I will and will not take.”

Okaaay then.

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