Meet the Parents

Meet the Parents

In Meet the Parents of manners that spoofs the old Woody Allen pictures of the 70’s, Ben Stiller and Robert DeNiro are a brilliant comedic duo. Greg wants to marry his girlfriend, Pam, but when he finds out he need to ask her father’s permission to get engaged, they go to Oyster Bay to visit him.

n this comedy of manners that spoofs the old Woody Allen pictures of the 70’s

Meet the Parents

Jack doesn’t take too well to Greg, and continues on throughout his visit. Soon, Jack is putting him on a lie detector machine, and watching his every move with hidden cameras. Later, Greg is told that Pam’s father was actually in the CIA. The nervous Greg is soon giving Pam’s sister a black eye for losing the family cat.

Meet the Parents

Greg goes to meet his fiance’s parents, only to discover that her dad,Jack, is a former CIA agent, and he doesn’t think that anyone, let alone Greg, is good enough for his daughter. Greg does his best to impress Jack, but he goofs up every time. A very funny movie about that first trip to the future in- laws. The film features Stiller as the soon to be son-in- law vising the father-in-law De Niro. What proceeds are misunderstandings.


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