Finding Dory

Finding Dory


Finding Dory is a funny movie in 2016. When Pixar announced that they were going to make sequels to many of their beloved stand-alone films, many rightly cried ”greed’.’ Pixar, though certainly not in a decline, has lost their critical winning streak of late with titles such as “Monsters University”, “Brave”, “The Good Dinosaur”, and the “Cars” series. When the trailer for “Finding Dory” was released, the skeptics were deemed right; it painfully harkened back to the nostalgia of the previous films.

finding Dory


Everybody knew it was inevitably going to be a hit, but we were afraid it was going to be for all the wrong reasons. Luckily, the critics were treated with a solid sequel and another great Pixar film. The legacy of the original film was unscathed, and the heart and soul that is infused in many Pixar films seemed to be there – there’s no denying Andrew Stanton’s direction had something to do with this.

the film focuses on Dory

This time, the film focuses on Dory (as one could guess from the title) as she traverses the sea, using the little bits of memory she has left to find her parents. The new characters all hit the right marks, from Ty Burrell as Bailey, the insecure Beluga Whale; Idris Elba and Dominic West as two selfish sea lions; and best of all, Ed O’Neill as Hank, the sorrowful octopus. And then many funny stories happen.

However, what makes the movie work so well, aside from the great set pieces and physical comedy, is the emotional core. Besides the obvious gags they have about Dory’s amnesia, they don’t shy away from the tragedy of her affliction. The resolution to her journey, and whether or not she finds her parents, is genuinely moving – something that shouldn’t be spoiled.


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